• 2022-23 SEASON

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    Streaming in Canada only.

    Welcome to mywso.tv, our state-of-the-art, easy-to-use streaming platform that brings most of our performances to you! Watch our performances where and when it fits your schedule.

    As we emerge from the pandemic together, the WSO and I look forward to honouring our orch...


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    The wonder of human flight encapsulates the intelligence, ambition, and creativity of humankind. For the first time, WNMF moves to the Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada for an eclectic program that celebrates our collective achievements in both the arts and sciences.

    Legendary, multi-facet...


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    Renowned choreographer Sandra Laronde and Red Sky Performance come to Winnipeg for the first time to present the striking multimedia work Adizokan, a collaboration between Laronde and Manitoban composer Eliot Britton that explores and celebrates the artists’ Indigenous roots. Weaving together the...

  • Ode to Joy!–Beethoven’s Ninth & Guest Jan Lisiecki

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    Available for streaming from May 13 - June 12, 2023 in Canada only.

    Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony has entered the minds and souls of music lovers to such a degree that each performance becomes an event before the first note is played. This fusion of majestic music, poetry, and insight of what bring...

  • Rachmaninoff, Berlioz & Alexei Volodin

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    Available for streaming from March 18 - April 17, 2023 in Canada only.

    Berlioz composed Symphonie fantastique in an attempt to woo a young actress, but it’s not your average love song (or story). This symphony begins with passionate, heartsick daydreams, a grand ball, and scenes in the countrysi...

  • A Celebration of Nations

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    Available for streaming from December 10 - January 9, 2023 in Canada only.

    Music and dance may have their roots in individual cultures, but thanks to their ability to provoke emotional responses, they have the capacity to transcend cultures and impact people everywhere. This December we invite y...

  • Violins of Hope

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    Available for streaming from December 3, 2022 - January 2, 2023 in Canada only.

    A young man brings his grandfather’s violin to Israeli luthier Amnon Weinstein for repair. When Weinstein opens it, he finds black powder inside, soon realizing it is ashes from the crematoria of Auschwitz where the ...